Love Thyself: 30 Ways, 30 Days — Day 8

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Today’s topic: Allowing the unfolding.

If you prefer reading to watching, here’s the transcript:

Well, hey there. It’s Kristen again. Welcome to Day 8 of Love Thyself: 30 Ways, 30 Days.

Today I would like to ask you a question, again — another question — and that question is, do you find that there’s something happening in your life that is not quite going to plan, or going how you planned it? You know, maybe you had an idea of how a project should go, or a situation, or something that’s happening and, you know, you had a time frame for it. You had a plan for it coming together and it’s just not working that way.

So, if that’s the case, as I often say on these videos, you’re not alone. And I want to offer a thought for that, and that is that, what if things unfold in their own timing? You know, there’s certainly something to be said for having a schedule and keeping it and keeping your word and having integrity and, you know, doing things when you say you’re going to and all of that. That’s absolutely valid, and you know, no doubt, you know, we all want to deal with people who have integrity and who keep their word and that kind of thing.

And sometimes — and I think this happens more and more often lately — I’ve heard more people kind of talk about having this experience. Or I’m in a situation with somebody in this kind of experience and we talk about it and we find that this is the case. And it’s allowing this kind of unfolding, right, and it’s something that can be very frustrating, because it seems like things — like I said — are really not going according to a plan.

And you just kind of have to give yourself over to it. You have to let it unfold. You have to let it come in its own timing. Sometimes there are pieces of something that are really necessary to the project, or to the situation, or even to, like, a person’s unfolding. You know, to each of us individually or in a relationship, some kind of aspect that hasn’t yet showed up yet, or … hasn’t yet showed up yet (that’s being a little repetitive) … or, you know, it needs a little bit more time to kind of gestate, or something’s just not ready. Sometimes we’re not ready.

So, there’s this unfolding that is just taking place. And so, my suggestion is just to be with it. Maybe to think that, to let that thought in, and see how it feels, and kind of let things unfold, naturally, and take their course. And then kind of, you know, maybe you’ll be awed at how it actually turns out.

So, that’s my thought for today. And I also want to say: I was thinking just before I started recording that there’s a joy and a challenge to doing these daily videos. The joy is, obviously, getting to spend time with you every day and to share some thoughts. One of the challenges I find is that each of the things that I kind of talk about is something that could be talked at length about. And I plan to do that, if you’ll join me on upcoming podcasts at I’m just about ready to get my site up and running and get those podcasts going, so I look forward to talking about this stuff more in depth with you.

And, in the meantime, I’d like to offer you a free gift. And that is an hour of my time for a strategic coaching session that will help offer you clarity and help you get to some clarity. So, I hope you’ll take me up on that. You can just go ahead and message me here on Facebook, and I’d love to spend some time with you.

So, thanks again for joining, and I will see you tomorrow.

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