Love Thyself: 30 Ways, 30 Days — Day 7

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Today’s topic: Two easy ways to find comfort when things feel difficult.

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Hey there. It’s Kristen, and welcome to Day 7 of Love Thyself: 30 Ways, 30 Days. Before I get started, I do want to warn you, it’s kind of blustery out here today. So, if my hair starts flying and you hear things kind of crashing down around me, it’s because it’s very windy. All is definitely well.

But I’ve been thinking a lot today about what is happening in our world, and specifically what’s happening here in the United States and how people are really feeling about that. There’s all sorts of feelings and opinions flying around. But if you are someone who deeply cares about other people, and you feel things very strongly … if you’re very empathetic, or you consider yourself like a lightworker or a healer or just someone who is very in tune with what’s happening with other people, whether it’s energetically, emotionally, or however … just being a human being … I feel like, and I know, I’ve heard, and I feel it myself … that there’s a lot of upset today.

And, you know, we can feel that in our bodies. I have often, in the past couple of months, had this sense of just not being able to process or digest something. And I kind of feel it like starting up here (near my throat) or maybe even starting down in my stomach and it comes up here and I feel like I kind of want to vomit it out, literally, even though it’s not, you know, food that’s coming up. I think … if you’re watching this, you probably have a sense of what I mean. So, we just can’t process it. It’s not digestible.

So, that can be very difficult, and it can feel … you know, it causes stress in our bodies and in our minds and in our emotions. So, two things. One, I wanted to say very emphatically, you are not alone. If you are feeling that, you’re not alone. You may not have anybody in your immediate sphere who feels that way, but there are plenty of us out here who do. So, please know that.

The other thing I wanted to remind you of, if you don’t know this already, or well … excuse me. Maybe you do know this already, or if you’re not really aware of it, I wanted to just kind of bring it to your attention. And that is that we have tools right at the end of our arms that can help us. Our own hands can be very comforting when we utilize them on our own bodies.

So, you know, what I often like to do when I need to just relax, or if I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed and I want to regain a sense of peace, is I close my eyes. I put my hands over my heart. And, hopefully, you can see — I just put my left hand first and my right hand over that, and then what I do is I just breathe. And I breathe with my tongue — the tip of my tongue — kind of on the roof of my mouth, right behind my front teeth on the top, and close my mouth to breathe in. And I can’t talk and do this at the same time, so I’ll just do it and then I’ll talk about it. (Pause to breathe.)

So, what I did was, again, I put my tongue on the roof of my mouth and the tip of my tongue kind of right behind my front teeth (my two front toofeses) and closed my mouth to breathe in and opened my mouth to breathe out. And as I’m breathing, I’m breathing really from my stomach area, you know, not from the from up here in your chest, but, you know, breathe deeply down into your your stomach area, your abdomen, and feel the power of that. You know, it can help to count — like I counted to five. I counted to five as I was breathing in, and I counted to five as I was breathing out.

You can sometimes take in too much air, quite honestly. Too much oxygen can make you feel a little lightheaded if you’re not used to breathing that way. So, you might want to start with three, right: Breathe in for three and breathe out for three, but make sure you just empty your breath. You kind of empty the air that’s inside of you when you breathe out and then do it again. And if you do that for the number of times that you count, or let’s say at least three times (you can certainly do it for more), but I’ve heard that if you do it at least three times it starts to literally shift your brain and, you know, kind of what’s happening in your body and the emotions and things that go with it. It shifts your thoughts, too, so try it.

And when you do both … you know, you can you can do just the hands on your body, you know, whether it’s on your heart, whether it’s over your belly, or on some other part of your body, you know, that you may feel an ache. Because we all kind of feel it differently. You know, maybe you’re around other people and it just would look kind of weird if you closed your eyes and breathed then while you were kind of touching some part of your body, which is fine.

So, you can do one or the other or both, whatever, but I just wanted to offer that as a suggestion — and if you were aware of it, as a reminder, because we do really have tools at our immediate disposal where we can help ourselves. And if you need help, if you need somebody to talk to, you know, if you feel like you can’t do it alone, then certainly reach out. You know, you can … the internet is an amazing tool. We have Google. We can find anybody, anywhere. You can find counselors, you can find help lines, whatever it may be. You may find support groups or even chat rooms online, where … if they still have those … but people gather online, where you don’t have to feel alone.

So, that is what I wanted to share with you today, and just let you know that you are amazing. If you are struggling, it is OK. It will be OK. This, too, shall pass, and all is well.

If this resonated for you in any way, please go ahead and comment, like, or share so other people may get some benefit out of it. And I want to offer you an hour of my time. You know, one of my — two of my superpowers, really — one is listening deeply, and really the second is really being present with you where you are, wherever you’re at, and kind of being able to jump in, get a lay of the land of you and what’s happening, and offer a sense of clarity or offer some insight that may come. That is an intuitive gift, and it’s also a strategic one, if you will, where, you know, we can utilize some proven strategies to help you. So, what we would do in that hour is just … you can give me a lay of the land, I can help you get some clarity, and we can talk about whether I can help you moving forward.

So, please reach out to me, please message me here on Facebook if you’d like to take me up on that hour. Or, if you happen to see this through my website, click on the Contact tab, send me a note, and I will get back with you. We’ll set up a time.

Thanks so much for being here, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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