Love Thyself: 30 Ways, 30 Days — Day 5

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Today’s topic: Trusting yourself, and your intuition.

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Hey there. It’s Kristen again, and welcome to Day 5 of Love Thyself: 30 Ways, 30 Days.

Today I have a question for you, and that is, how in touch would you say you are with your intuition? Now, for guys, you know, you may not call it intuition. You may say something more like it’s a gut feeling that you have, or just a strong sense about something. I think we women tend to be a little bit more comfortable with the word intuition, but both men and women have intuition. It’s just this inner sense or knowing that we all have, and it can come to us in different ways. And it can look different for everybody — look and feel different. So, if you are kind of on the beginning part of your journey in terms of getting to know and feel how how that intuition works for you and you’re just getting a sense of it, here’s a couple of ways that I have learned that it works for me — so maybe that will be helpful to you.

One of the ways is that it can be kind of like this nudging. You kind of like have this internal feeling, like you’re just being nudged to say something, to do something, to get out of the way to whatever it may be. It’s just … nudge.

Another one is you get this kind of quiet … it’s almost like a thought that is kind of telling you a secret. You know, it’s like very quiet. It kind of comes across the screen of your mind, or even your heart, and you … and it’s almost like a whisper on the wind. Those are very interesting and require that we really kind of pay attention, because it can be so subtle and so quiet sometimes the way that it comes.

Another way would be one of those kind of loud — really loud — thoughts, like you’re in a place that maybe is not very safe, or you’re in a place that ordinarily is perfectly safe and it says to you, “Get out of here, now.” You know, it’s just this feeling and a thought and kind of all wrapped up in one and it feels kind of very loud.

And the other way that comes to mind right now is, you know, that sense that you just get that something is not quite right, with either a situation or a person, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. You just know that something feels off. I call those little feelings that I get sometimes, like, they’re little clicks. It’s almost like I hear a click in my brain that something doesn’t — isn’t — right. And I first started to notice that about 20 years ago. I was in a relationship where I’d kind of get that click, and it would … it happened pretty often, but I didn’t have enough information at the time about the relationship, or the person I was with, and I didn’t have enough life experience at that point to really put the pieces together and to understand what those clicks meant.

Now, I understand what they mean, and I’m very aware of them when they happen. And what I usually have to do is, especially if I’m getting to know somebody or I don’t have enough information about a situation, is I just kind of make a mental note about that click and just kind of see what other information I gather. You know, I may proceed a little bit more cautiously, but I gather information.

The other thing that I’ve noticed that I have done, and I’m wondering if you have, too, is overruled your intuition with your brain. And so, sometimes what that looks like is, you know, you kind of get that intuitive feeling — either it’s a red flag, or a click, or just, again, a sense of something. And you say, You know what, I’m probably making too much of it. You know, I … it’s probably just me. Or, you know, I just … I have an active imagination, or I must.

So, you know, maybe those things are true sometimes. We do, kind of, depending on how we’re feeling emotionally — if we’re tired, you know, we may kind of blow things out of proportion a little bit or, you know, our imagination may kind of get the best of us. But, over time, and as we kind of get to know ourselves better, we know that feeling more when it’s, you know, Oh, I’m just tired and I need to sleep, and my brain’s kind of running like a freight train, or I’m really getting a sense about this.

And one of the other things that I’ve learned is to trust the intuition. And so, that’s really what I’d like to say to you today, is that you can trust yourself. You can trust that intuition. Often when we overrule the intuition with our brains, we kind of find that the intuition was right, right, or it tried to steer us in a direction that maybe kind of helped us avoid something that might have been painful or difficult or messy that we just really didn’t need to, kind of, be in the middle of. So, again, trust yourself. If you get those feelings and, especially, when that intuition combines with information, you really can trust yourself.

So, that’s my message for you for today. If you found any benefit in it, or if you liked it, it resonated for you, please comment, like, and share. And also I wanted to offer you a free gift. If you would like a sense of clarity in your life, I am happy to spend an hour with you for a strategic coaching session to help you gain that clarity. So, please feel free to take me up on that offer. You can message me here on Facebook, or you can send me a message through my website if this is where you happen to be seeing it. Click the Contact tab, shoot me a note, and I’ll get back to you.

So, thanks so much for joining me today. I hope you have a wonderful day and, again, trust yourself. Take care, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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