Love Thyself: 30 Ways, 30 Days — Day 26


Here’s a thought about getting to where you want to be, and enjoying yourself along the way.

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Well, hey there. It’s Kristen. Welcome to Day 26 of Love Thyself: 30 Ways, 30 Days.

Today, I have just a quick thought for you, and it’s a phrase that I heard a number of years ago and it really … it’s one of those things that stuck with me. And that is, “inch by inch is a cinch, yard by yard is hard.”

And it comes to mind often for me when I feel like I’m putting pressure on myself to get something done, or something feels very big, right — whether it’s something I’d like to bring into my life, or something I want to accomplish, and I kind of feel a little overwhelmed, maybe, with the bigness of it.

And it’s a … usually, the thought comes to me about that phrase kind of on a gentle wind, right — like this gentle internal wind, or voice, that just reminds me to be gentle with myself. To think of it, you know, to chunk it down, take it in smaller pieces, to realize that, you know, inch by inch, I’ll make it to where I want to go. You know, and it makes it easier along the way, it makes it more enjoyable along the way, it brings a feeling of ease and grace and flow and harmony to not only go easier with myself (small interruption: love that bug), but to get there in an enjoyable way — so that it’s not so much the arriving that’s important, or the only thing that’s important, but how I get there is important to me, too.

So, it’s just one of those little ways of loving myself that I invite you to think about and to see — to apply it for yourself, and to a situation that you’re in, and see if that is something that feels good to you.

So, that is my thought for you on this beautiful day here in North Florida. And, I … before I close, I would like to offer you a free gift, and that is an hour of coaching, an hour of my time, to help you gain clarity around whatever you’d like to gain clarity with — you know, where you are in your life, where you think you might like to go, something that you might like to achieve or to experience, and to give you a sense of what it would feel like for us to work together.

So, if you’d like to take me up on that offer, please feel free to message me here on Facebook. I look forward to connecting with you, and I look forward to seeing you next time.

Thanks so much for joining.

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Kristen Quirk

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