Love Thyself: 30 Ways, 30 Days — Day 25

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Do you value how you feel? Becoming aware of how you’re feeling enables you to choose what you want to experience — like greater happiness and joy.

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Well, hey there. It’s Kristen. Welcome to Day 25 of Love Thyself: 30 Ways, 30 Days.

Today, my question for you is this: Do you value how you feel? And do you value how you feel on a regular basis?

You know, every day we do things that we value, whether we’re really conscious of it or not. But how we spend our time really indicates what we value. And so, if we value how we feel, then we’ll spend time, or at least make an effort to become aware of how we are feeling in any moment, moment to moment, because that’s really where everything happens in life — moment to moment — and recognize how we’re feeling and make a conscious decision to shift it.

And for me, for example, you know, I noticed that … I work from home, so during the day when the house is quiet and it’s just me and the four-legged kids, my mind can start going in a negative direction — just on a freight train. It’s like, sometimes, it’s automatic. You know, weeds grow in a garden automatically. So, if we’re not conscious of keeping the weeds out of the garden, and going to pull them, kind of continually — or find some weed control mechanism, hopefully that’s natural — you know, the weeds just grow.

And it’s the same with our thoughts. We can just kind of get on a negative thought pattern — in a negative thought pattern — or feel like that freight train of negative thought is coming. But when we become aware of what we’re thinking, and we really value feeling good — because we’ve started to feel good or we know what that feels like and we want to be in that place more often — we’ll value it more. We’ll do what it takes to get ourselves there.

So, again, using myself as an example, when I find myself in that place where the weeds are really going or the freight train is really going, I say to myself, “I value how I feel. Therefore, I’m going to put something positive on. I’m going to go to YouTube, and I’m going to find an audio that I know will shift my focus and shift my thoughts to something more positive.”

You know, I mentioned before that I often play the “Happy” song by Pharrell Williams. You know, I find something that will shift my thoughts, my … the emotions that go with it, and, therefore, the outcomes that I get. You know, have you ever noticed that when you’re kind of thinking negatively and you think that things never go well for you, they never really do? You know, but when you think positively and you can continue to get yourself in a positive mode, things tend to shift — and you see more, you find more to appreciate and to think of positively?

So, that’s my thought for you today: Do you really value how you feel? And if you aren’t really conscious of that yet or don’t think of it that way yet, maybe it’s something to think about and then do something to shift what you’re feeling — so that you can not only value it, but also experience it and appreciate it.

So, before I close I would like to offer you a gift, from my heart to yours, and that is an hour of my time for a coaching session to help you gain clarity around where you’re at in your life, where you might like to go, and to see if working together would be something that is of interest to you and that feels good to you. So, I encourage you to reach out to me here on Facebook if you’d like to take me up on that offer. And if you got anything out of this video, please go ahead and like and share it so that others can hear it, too.

So, thank you so much for joining, and I will see you next time.

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Kristen Quirk

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