Love Thyself: 30 Ways, 30 Days — Day 11

Water Wave

Today’s topic: Feeling connected, and disconnected, in the ebbs and flows of life.

If you prefer reading to watching, here’s the transcript:

Well, hey there. It’s Kristen again. Welcome to Day 11 of Love Thyself: 30 Ways, 30 Days.

Today, I don’t know if you can hear in the background, but I’m sitting by a beautiful water fountain, which fits right in with the thought for today — and that is about ebb and flow.

So, have you ever felt yourself — or have you lately felt yourself — feeling a little disconnected from either life, or things that feel important to you, or Spirit, even? You know, I’ve noticed lately … I went through a period recently where I really felt disconnected. I felt like my grounding in Spirit in the way that I had known it and felt it for a very long time had kind of ebbed, and I wasn’t feeling in the flow. And yet, you know, every day, it’s still, you know, putting one foot in front of the other and continuing to have faith and, you know, all of that kind of thing. But it was hard. It was hard to feel disconnected and I kind of wondered, you know, have I lost it? Have I lost that feeling of connection?

And so I just wanted to check in with you today and see if you had been feeling that, or if you have felt that, and if so, again, I think you’re not alone. You know, there was a moment last week where I felt it come back. I felt the connection come back and I felt the flow again. And it’s a beautiful thing to reconnect and to have a sense and a connection to something bigger than yourself. (Oops, sorry! In my honoring of imperfection, I’m going to go ahead and include that in this video and not cut it out.)

So, anyway, connection, flow, ebb and flow. Life does ebb and flow. Everything does, really, in life, so, including that sense of connection to something bigger and larger than ourselves — to Creator or Source or Spirit or God or whatever you call it — we all have our own different ways of feeling it and honoring it.

So, that’s the thought for today: ebb and flow. It’s normal. I think it’s something that a lot of us feel, and again, you’re not alone. And if anybody hasn’t told you yet today, I want to say that I think you’re beautiful. I think that you were born with everything that you need, that you still have everything you need, to live your life to the fullest to be Who you came here to be — with a capital “W” — in every way. And you are capable, you are worthy, and from my heart to yours, much love. I’m sending you much, much love.

So, also, before I close, I want to go ahead and offer you a free gift, to you from me, and that is an hour of my time for a strategic coaching session to help you gain clarity in whatever you’d like to gain clarity on. So, if you’re seeing this on Facebook, go ahead and message me and I will get back to you, we’ll set up a time, and we will talk.

So, thank you so much for joining, and I will see you tomorrow.

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Kristen Quirk

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