Are you ready to step into a greater knowing of yourself, your strengths, and your gifts — and live in ever increasing freedom, creativity, ease, and joy?

Heart Rope

If so, you’re in the right place.

I’m passionate about helping you connect with you so you can take the deepest desires of your heart and transform them into the reality of your daily, lived experience.

We do this together through strategic intervention coaching — a collaborative process that combines internal and external resources, effective strategy, and intuitive guidance, and enables you to:

  • (Re)discover the spark of who you are authentically, what you love to do, and what makes you come alive — and what all of that looks and feels like as you engage with the world
  • Tap into your inherent wisdom so you can make conscious, intentional, and empowered choices
  • Connect more deeply with loved ones and experience greater ease in your relationships
  • Feel more comfortable in your own skin
  • Open to and embrace the life you desire, and allow it to unfold

Peacefully. Harmoniously. Effort-less-ly.

Yes. It is possible to live this way, even in a world where peace, ease, and harmony sometimes feel very far away. Living authentically isn’t about denying or ignoring the challenges we face, or looking for a forecast of sunshine and rose petals 24×7. But an authentic life does call us to live amid challenges and transform them by transforming ourselves.

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Are You Ready?

You and I will likely work well together if some or all of the following statements resonate with you.

You want more. You see from a different perspective and feel with finely tuned spidey and spiritual senses. You appreciate depth, authenticity, and realness, and you want to live from and in that space every day.

You are tired of lofty marketing messages and promises that don’t deliver. You know that “Follow these three easy steps and you’ll have everything you want” and other simplistic formulas don’t cut it. Life is a bit more complex than that, and so are you.

You understand that there are no quick fixes. While some aspects, qualities, or circumstances may change relatively quickly simply by adjusting your perspective, you know that others may take time to shift. You’re willing to invest resources — your time, energy, money, and self — if you’ll get results and feel better.

You recognize tools for what they are. You’ve done the vision board workshops, said the affirmations, and bought the many books or programs — and you’ve noticed some shifts but life still doesn’t feel and look like you want it to. You know that true transformation requires a solid commitment from you to utilize effective tools and embrace new ways of thinking, being, and doing.

You are ready for more. At this point in your personal journey, you’ve gone as far as you can on your own — or you need a new source of support. You understand the value and benefit of having a guide who can meet your unique self right where you are, be present, and lovingly accompany (and challenge) you as the next phases of your growth, expansion, and empowerment unfold.

What You Can Expect

Here’s how one beautiful woman describes her time with me:

“Clear, light, accurate and gentle — the exact pieces I need to help me get unstuck and create positive flow again. I am grateful for the discussions I have with Kristen because when I am stuck in a dilemma and can’t see my way out, she can speak with amazing gentleness and clarity and offer a different perspective. But her perspectives aren’t just her own; it’s like she can see what’s happening on the other side of the veil and tell me exactly what I need to hear for right there and right then. It’s not advice-giving at all it is key-unlocking on the hidden level. I frequently have no idea that I needed to hear what she says until she says it; then I realize where I’ve been blocked and can release it immediately. Her words are never hard or heavy they are unfailingly light, but even as I tune myself to hear them, they already start unlocking the doors that have been closed on the inside of me and I feel relief. A rare gem, delicate, accurate, and leading to life.” — K.

Complimentary Coaching Session: Focusing on You

I believe in you. And because I do, I’m willing to put my valuable time and energy where my belief is.

Here’s my offer:

I’ll spend 45 minutes with you in a free clarity session so you can get a sense of what it would be like for us to work together. That time is about you — diving in to where you are in the moment and enabling you to gain greater clarity about what you’d like to experience, shift, or add in to your life.

Your life holds possibilities and probabilities waiting to be explored. I look forward to accompanying you on that one-of-a-kind adventure.

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  Doorway to Transformation

Note: Coaching is not counseling or therapy. If you need psychological or medical advice or assistance, please seek the services of a qualified professional who can help with your particular situation.